Situational Awareness for Survival in Mass Shootings

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Situational Awareness for Survival

in Mass Shootings

Situational Awareness for Survival in Mass Shootings

When it comes to dangerous situations where mass murders are more likely to occur, most people are completely unprepared. You’ll even hear news accounts where witnesses will remark that they never suspected or never saw the situation coming.

By having situational awareness, you can raise your odds of surviving such a disaster

Pay attention to your surroundings – but also pay attention to special days and anniversaries of events.

Terrorists and mass shooters will often attack on the anniversary of something. Sometimes it’s a celebratory attack honoring a previous attack.

survival-mass shootings-busSchool Shootings

School shootings are on the list of mass murder situations that you or your kids need to know how to survive, regardless of what grade they’re in.

One thing that keeps coming up in many of the relates stories about school shootings is that many of the shooter’s classmates knew beforehand that the shooter had some kind of mental disturbance.

Most people fail to point this out because no one likes to make waves and in some cases, even when it’s reported, those in authority fail to follow through, as we saw in Parkland.

Pay attention, be aware of your surroundings Pay attention to kids who become withdrawn, moody or have violent outbursts of anger.

You’ll also want to pay attention to rumors. Often before a mass murder is carried out, the shooter will talk about it to someone else or on social media.

That can be a sign that an impending attack is imminent and should be reported.

Pay attention to your surroundings and remain alert.


When you hide, make sure the lights in the room are off and cut the volume off your cell phone so that it won’t draw attention to you.

Put heavy objects such as desks or filing cabinets against the door and don’t huddle against the wall close to the door.

Be alert in the area where you are to scope out what you can use as a weapon in case the shooter breaches the room where you’re at.

You can use things like shoes or boots, cords from electronic devices, laptops, scissors, pens, pencils, or heavy books.

situational awarenessConcert Chaos

Concerts have become another place where mass murders are taking place – such as Jason Aldean or Ariana Grande. This is because concerts tend to have huge crowds and they want a higher number of targets.

Because of this, you need to take stock of your surroundings when you first enter the venue if it’s in a building. If you’re outside, you need to take note of all the places that a shooter could be.

You need to pay attention to people who are acting suspiciously. They’re not dressed like they belong – such as wearing a heavy coat on a hot summer day or they’re carrying duffel bags, backpacks and they look out of place.

Get out of sight, hide, block yourself with an object

If you can’t tell where the bullets are coming from, then you need to get out of sight.

When people are panicking and trying to get out of a building, they always rush the known exits and then a bottleneck occurs.

Know ahead of time where an alternative exit is or wait if it’s safe before you leave so you can determine if the people fleeing are being targeted.

krav-maga-self-defenseWorkplace Violence

Workplace violence is becoming more common as people decide to settle any real or perceived injustices against a place of employment.

First, pay attention to any disgruntled employees. These are people who are usually not shy about voicing their displeasure. They might talk about how much they dislike a colleague, a boss or their working environment period.

Or you might hear how the employee doesn’t like the company or he feels that they’ve wronged him or her.


Don’t take threats lightly, report them immediately

Incidents like that should be taken seriously and reported the first time. If you’re aware of an ongoing feud between two employees, you should report it. If the arguments are between a fellow employee and your supervisor, you should report that.

In the event that workplace violence does occur, have a plan ready so that you can react instead of panicking. Know exactly what your exit plan is going to be, then head for the way out of the building or area.

Everyone should be quiet. Block the door with things like chairs or turn over a table and everyone hide behind the table. Prevent the door from opening by locking it.

If the person intent on doing violence enters the room, you need to be prepared to fight back. Throw heavy objects or use a smaller object to inflict injury on the other person. Fight as if your life depends on it.

survival-people crossing-shootingsPedestrian Targets

More often, vehicles have become weapons used by those with a desire to cause harm to a crowd of people.

Since plenty of people walk or bike on paths or sidewalks. If you are walking in a crowd, pay attention.

Look for places where it would be easy for a car or truck to sail over the curb and plow into the people.

Some cities are putting in measures in an attempt to prevent vehicles from jumping curbs to drive into people.

People who walk closer to the street have a high chance of becoming a target. Because of that, you want to make sure that you walk as far as possible away from the street.

For people who have to run from a vehicle, if at all possible, put a big object between you and the vehicle such as a concrete pillar, steps, a railing or another vehicle.

self-defense pepper sprayPublic Transportation Threats

Public transportation has been the target of terrorist attacks in the past and will likely be more in the future as well.

If you notice someone who’s acting weird or unhinged, that can be a warning sign.

Pay attention to people who are just hanging around public transportation terminals or areas. They’re keeping watch, but they don’t appear to actually be waiting for the transportation.

Be aware of people asking strange questions such as how many people are on the transportation on a certain day or when it’s the most crowded.

Be on the alert for people who are carrying packages that look out of place or abnormal such as heavy bags, thick backpacks or suitcases in areas where people wouldn’t normally have them.

You want to be on the lookout for any bags or packages that are abandoned. This could be a briefcase, too – because most people would just assume someone forgot their briefcase.

Treat any package left behind as suspicious. Get away from it and notify the authorities.

You should also make sure that you have protection with you – such as pepper spray in the event that you’re attacked.

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